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Dryer / Dryer Vent Cleaning

In addition to cleaning the dryer exhaust duct, the back of the dryer and surrounding area will be throughly cleaned.  

HD Video

Before and after every cleaning we use a wireless HD video camera to thoroughly inspect the entire dryer exhaust system.   This will show any hidden problems or damage.  This also confirms the duct system was cleaned properly and thoroughly.

Seven Point

Every service call from Carolina Certified includes a 7-point cleaning and safety inspection.  The inspection includes a complete cleaning of the dryer and surrounding area. 

Dryer Exhaust

Dryer exhaust ducts can have hidden damage like crushed pipes or separated joints inside the walls, in attics or in crawl spaces. If needed we can repair or replace the damaged areas.

Critter Prevention
& Removal

Small animals and birds can enter unprotected exhaust ducts and build nests.  We have the industry's best tools to professionally remove them.

Booster Fan

Some dryer exhaust ducts require a booster fan to work efficiently.  If your system has one it should be checked and serviced on a regular basis.  We offer professional repair or replacement if needed.

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