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$50.00  |  Carolina Certified Exclusive Seven-Point

Cleaning & Safety Inspection

Every service call from Carolina Certified includes a seven-point cleaning and safety inspection. The inspection includes a complete cleaning of the dryer and surrounding area along with the lint trap, transition tube and connectors. A wireless HD camera will then be used to carefully check the complete duct system. The camera will show the extent of the lint build up and any major blockages like bird or animal nests. We will also be able to see any hidden damage or separations in the duct joints. The vent at the duct exit point will also be cleaned and inspected to ensure it is functioning properly.
During the inspection, the length of the dryer duct system will be accurately measured to determine the cost of the duct cleaning. If needed, the cost to professionally clean the entire duct system is $5 per foot. Crawl spaces and roof vent exit points have an additional charge of $25.

If your neighbor schedules service at the same time as you, you’ll both receive a $10 discount on your cleaning service!

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